Yelp Reviews of Newborn Babies

We obsessively check online reviews to see if a movie is worth seeing or a restaurant is worth visiting.  If anyone was considering having a newborn baby and wanted to read the Yelp reviews first, here they are.

Yelp 1
yelp 2
yelp 2.1
Yelp 3Yelp4Yelp5Yelp 5.1Yelp6

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Here are the links again, really big so you cannot miss them.


Also, if you have a newborn baby right now, both “Congratulations!” and “I hope you are hanging in there ok!”  Newborn babies can be really rough but it gets easier, I swear.  Stay strong.  If you do NOT have a newborn baby right now, Double Congratulations!  That is so great!  Go watch a Netflix original series or eat a Snickers or something!  

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    Sarah Calatayud

    Thank you for the best laugh I’ve had so far in 2016. I was definitely a “I wish I could give it zero stars” newborn mom. That was 14 years ago, thank God. I wish I’d had this to make me laugh when I was in the throes of the first 8 weeks with a newborn. Just excellent.

  2. The fact that people think these are real makes me feel bad for humanity…. It’s Satire people…. SMH…

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