Yelp Reviews of Newborn Babies

We obsessively check online reviews to see if a movie is worth seeing or a restaurant is worth visiting.  If anyone was considering having a newborn baby and wanted to read the Yelp reviews first, here they are.

Yelp 1
yelp 2
yelp 2.1
Yelp 3Yelp4Yelp5Yelp 5.1Yelp6

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Here are the links again, really big so you cannot miss them.


Also, if you have a newborn baby right now, both “Congratulations!” and “I hope you are hanging in there ok!”  Newborn babies can be really rough but it gets easier, I swear.  Stay strong.  If you do NOT have a newborn baby right now, Double Congratulations!  That is so great!  Go watch a Netflix original series or eat a Snickers or something!  

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  1. I remember this product. We ordered one many years ago and were pleased enough that we ordered a second. When it arrived we realized that there were real problems with manufacturing consistency. Apparently, no two items are ever quite the same. On the other hand, my brother in law was temporarily living in Canada after having ordered the American product before moving. Shipment took forever and I guess they sent him the Canadian version. With the exchange rate he got TWO of them and they were identical! Go figure. Must have been from the same manufacturing run.

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    Sarah Calatayud

    Thank you for the best laugh I’ve had so far in 2016. I was definitely a “I wish I could give it zero stars” newborn mom. That was 14 years ago, thank God. I wish I’d had this to make me laugh when I was in the throes of the first 8 weeks with a newborn. Just excellent.

  3. The fact that people think these are real makes me feel bad for humanity…. It’s Satire people…. SMH…

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