What I’d Really Like for Mother’s Day

Wrote a guest blog this week for HappyPlace.com on what I’d really like for mother’s day.  I in no way intended for it to come across as cruel or mean so I apologize if that is how it seems.


You can get to it by clicking the link here:  What I’d Really Like for Mother’s Day

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  1. I wish I I could laugh harder at this, but I can’t, because I’m afraid I might pee o myself . . .

    Seriously, though, I love that you’re so genuine about your love for your child and your husband without feeling the need to over-romanticize the whole experience. (Because, seriously, why don’t they tell you about the whole sending-you-home-with-gaping-rain-accident-wounds part?)

  2. I find it funny that it’s apparently “sadistic” or “cruel” to think a man should go through a TINY TINY TASTE of what pregnancy and early motherhood is like, but women are supposed to grin and bear it and glow the whole while.

    I, too, wish my husband could experience these—but also the good things he never will, like what it feels like when a baby kicks inside you or the pride and tenderness when breastfeeding a baby (at least after your nipples have recovered).

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    Your blog is just amazing! I have to go back and reread the last post b/c I wanted to make sure I didn’t miss anything! You are awesome!

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