Things I Thought I’d Get Done While Someone Else Was Watching the Baby

I am lucky enough (and please know that I am fully aware of how lucky I am) that my parents live sort of nearby and are willing to take the baby for a long weekend every few months.  This is wonderful because I am always working on a bunch of projects and trying to get work done with a baby around is like trying to build a house of cards during an earthquake.

A few weeks ago my parents were kind enough to watch my son for a full three days.  Here is how my liberating, child-free weekend went down as illustrated by Microsoft Excel pie graphs.

nobaby graphs theuglyvolvo 1


new day one graph


nobaby graphs theuglyvolvo 3


nobaby graphs theuglyvolvo 4


nobaby graphs theuglyvolvo 5

 The End.


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Thanks for reading.  Hope you are having a productive and emotionally fulfilling week.


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  1. haha this is great. It’s crazy how much time kids take up even when they’re not doing anything!

  2. Hee 🙂 A giant facebook button is just a jpeg only instead of linking to itself (default) you link it to your FB page. You could make your own ( is great) or download one as there are a billion freebies. Good luck!

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      this is a super helpful tip. Thank you. Will check out the site 🙂

  3. HA. So true. You are not alone!

  4. This is the funniest, most scarily familiar article I have read in a while.
    Too familiar for comfort in fact!!

  5. good god, why rhodesia?

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      That’s where one of the characters in the movie was from and I didn’t know anything about it except that they have ridgeback dogs.

  6. yeah at least you got to relax! you deserve that!

  7. The times I actually DO get a lot done when someone else is watching my daughter, I end up so exhausted that I need a major break after that break.

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