Approximate Food Consumption of my 16-Month-Old Son

A rough estimate of how much food my son eats when compared to other things that consume food.  Click to enlarge.

food consumption chart theuglyvolvo

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  1. Oh my goodness, YES! Nailed on the head!! My son is just turning one, and it was about two weeks ago when it suddenly occurred to me that I would actually need to start ordering food for him off the menu instead of trying to just shove the free bread down his throat and call it a day. Then at mealtimes he sucks down the little fruit puree pouches with the efficiency of a Dyson. Meanwhile, he is only ever interested in eating what I am eating, even if what I am eating is the exact same thing he is eating. And finally, he only wants to drink La Croix. None of that flat water for my son. LOVE YOUR BLOG!

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