A Breakdown of My Day for Tuesday, September 3, 2013

I’ve created a pie chart to illustrate how I spent my day yesterday.

If you’re wondering where to buy the high-tech software used to create this diagram, I created it on “Pen & Paper 7.1” drawing an outline around my teakettle to make the circle and using a copy of “Writer’s Market 2011” to create the straight lines.


Also, I spent about 2% of the time scratching mosquito bites while my husband yelled things like, "If you keep scratching them, how do you ever expect them to heal??!"

In fairness, I also probably spent 2% of the time scratching mosquito bites while my husband yelled, “Stop scratching them! They’re never going to heal if you keep scratching them!”

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  1. Ha! Poor woman. I hope 2014 was better & 2015 turns out to be fun. FYI, and future reference, if you run hot tap water over the back of a spoon, and then press the spoon to the bite, the heat in the spoon will denature the proteins that are causing the itchy irritation. Just be careful not to burn yourself.

  2. I just got on to reading your blogs when someone shared the tattoo one on my fb page. You are so funny and to the point about parenting. You say the things we are all thinking. Only you make us laugh and see the humor in the situations instead of holding our head in our hands and crying.

    • Really thank you, this comment was lovely. Hopefully we’ll all make it out of this parenting nonesense in one piece.

  3. Oh my gosh I love how honest you are about motherhood. I identify on SO MANY LEVELS. You are also hilarious. Please keep writing.

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