9 Conversations About How My 15-Month-Old Son is Not Yet Walking

Will have a new post up on my own site early next week (and will be posting more regularly) but for now the latest post is up as a guest post on the Someecards/HappyPlace website.

The post is about how my kid is 15-months-old and still isn’t walking yet and look, he’s fine, he’s fine, I know he’s fine.  He crawls really quickly and he’ll walk as long as he’s holding onto things– but he’s not letting go and actually walking.   And yes, they say most kids start walking between 9 and 15 months but who wants to be tied down to all these schedules, right?   Kids are all different!  He’ll totally walk when he’s ready which is why I am NOT EVEN WORRIED ABOUT THIS EVEN AT ALL.  I’m totally not.   So don’t worry about it because obviously I’m not worried about it.


The link to the post is below:

9 Conversations About How My 15-Month-Old Son is Not Yet Walking

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  1. Oh my God. I am the queen of comparing my 16-month-old daughter’s development to every other child her age. I always feel absolutely terrible and I know I shouldn’t, but it is SO hard. Also, to myself at her age, based on my mother’s reports. I did everything crazy early, my daughter is paring pretty much everything.

  2. Oh man. Both mine were early walkers (8 and 9 months, respectively). Yes, I’m serious. No, I’m not proud of it. This tiny little bug teetering across the living room!? GOT INTO EVERYTHING. Oh my goodness, as soon as they WALK… they CLIMB. No thank you. That’s a whole ‘nother set of heart attacks.

    But my older son was a late talker. Intelligent, just preferred to listen and understand first. He’s still that way. Every kid is different, it’s all good. He’s just other things he’s more interested in right now.

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